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April 13, 2016

Post op update on Lulu belle our English bulldog


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Hello tripawd family! It’s been a minute since we have been able to post anything re: the progress of our little princess, but we’re happy to inform everyone that she’s coping well on 3 legs! We will be celebrating her 2 month post amputation in 5 days, & our little princess just had her 8th birthday last Sunday.


She’s a proud & protective sissy to our 6week old baby boy. Lulu protects him & watches his every move. She also licks him to death which tickles his little feet! It just melts our heart seeing them together. 🙂

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Sadly we have had some set back which we’re still trying to figure out. She’s had several bumps show up on her body which resembles mast cell tumors when you look for information on the Internet. 3 popped up after her surgery & our vet said that it’s viral. He suggested freezing the one on her lip which didn’t take so he lasered it off along with one of the tumors on her front R leg. Last Wednesday we had an appointment to take the souchers out & expressed to our vet that we found more of these bumps all over her belly & mouth which resembles mast cell tumors. We have placed her on benedryl to see if it would help any, but the tumors continue to spread. They also have been leaking/bursting which scares us.  Our vet was confident that they’re still viral, but we opted to get a sample to send out for a histopath. We are not giving up on her battle with cancer, but it seems as if amputating her L leg didn’t stop it from spreading. We just want to find out what it is we are battling since its been a struggle to find out any answers with any of the vets here in Dallas. In addition to that, we hate seeing her go to the vet every week, then leaving her for multiple surgeries which seems unnecessary when more of these tumors keep popping up.

We’re hoping to have answers soon enough, & if anyone has seen these bumps on their pets please let us know if there’s any remedy for them.  It’s been a roller coaster ride for the past 2 years, but her spirits remain high. I can’t imagine a day without hearing her snore or gazing into our faces with her sweet smile. Thank you again for the tripawd family for your support & love throughout our journey.

February 18, 2016

Anxious & scared for our English Bulldog

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We have a sweet, & loving 7yr old English bulldog named Lulu Belle who will be undergoing amputation tomorrow. We have struggled for the past 2yrs to find a solution for her on going issue on her front L paw. Not only are we dealing with her paw issue, we’re 1 week away from our due date of having our first baby. The stress of being first time parents is nothing compared to making this decision for our beloved fur baby.

What started as an interdigital cyst, turned into an aggressive round tumor that is cancerous. The biopsy diagnosed her condition as a histiocytoma or lymphoma. We were devastated with the biopsy results, since we’ve seen numerous veterinarians in Dallas, TX & also had a culture sample along with a biopsy a year ago where cancer was never mentioned. The previous cytology report done last year revealed numerous neutrophils & macrophages with intracellular cocci. After finding a vet that is sympathetic & concerned for our pups well being we finally are left to make this grueling decision. It’s either amputation of her front L foot or go through chemotherapy/radiation to attack the tumor which is causing her foot to be infected & swollen. We’re opting to amputate her foot immediately to give her the life she deserves. We’re hoping that amputating her leg will relieve any pain she may have, & stop the aggressive tumor from spreading.

As concerned parents were hoping that we make the right decision for our baby. We know that she’s a fighter, but we’re unsure how the healing process works for her since she’ll be coping & going through life with 3 paws. We’re scared & unsure of the outcome, but we’re hopeful & happy that the tumor has not spread.

We are grateful for this site which shares stories that encourages people like us that are about to see their baby go through amputation. We’re hoping that tomorrow will bring a positive outcome & a speedy recovery for our sweet little girl, so she can enjoy the journey with us as we greet our child into this world.

If anyone has a similar diagnosis that has gone through the same thing, please feel free to share your story. We would love to know that we’re not alone in this battle. I know believing & hoping is half the battle, but we’re also anxious & scared about the unknown.

February 17, 2016

Hello Tripawds!

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